3 Easy Tips for Planning Unique & Meaningful Party Themes

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Tennille Ortiz

Spring is in the air and many of us are already thinking about planning graduation parties, birthday celebrations and gorgeous backyard barbecues. If you know me, you know I LOVE a beautifully designed and unique celebration, dressed with amazing details that will have your guest raving for years to come! As a designer I know how overwhelming that can be so I decided to give you a few quick tips to creating a unique and meaningful celebration that will make your guest honor feel seen and loved.

Tip 1: 
Create a theme using your child’s favorite storybook!
You would be so surprised what you can come up with using just 1 favorite page in the book. You can create the color scheme, invitations, party favors, and even the activity using the inspiration from that 1 page! Get the page from her favorite part of the book, use that page as your inspo board and get planning! 

Tip 2: 
Design the party using their favorite color
There is sophistication in simplicity. less is always more. You can design your whole party using a beautiful color palette. Dress the details in beautiful balloon installations, floral centerpieces, and a gorgeously designed treats table! We often design treats tables solely on a color scheme using beautiful silk bows to wrap our treats, tinted buttercream, custom wrappers for the cupcake liners, and adorable cupcake toppers

Tip #3
Think outside of the box!
We were once given the creative license to create a treats table based on the ” Will you be my bridesmaids” cards given from the bride. The card was beautiful it had a gorgeous muted pastel rainbow and a sentimental quote inside. The venue was designed to compliment the card. The details of that card were printed on the custom menus through out the tables, the color scheme was presented using the balloon installations and the floral. I also, used those details to create the treats table. I took the quotes and printed them on a beautifully designed edible image cupcake topper and the favor tags that dressed the cake pops. I created the treats in the color of the card and really brought the treats table to life using that illustration. The Bridal shower was amazing! 

I hope this helped you get started planning your next celebration! Let us know what design you come up with and share your photos with us! Stay connected by following us on instagram (insert hyperlink)

If you would like more information on how we can help make your event extra sweet with our beautiful and delicious treats or our boutique bakery on wheels, connect with us now! 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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