Tennille Ortiz

Specializing in the creation of confections almost too exquisite to eat, and known for her incredible attention to detail and the wow factor of her stunning desserts, Tennille Ortiz is an artisan, and Celebrity Cake Designer.

Coming from a background of business management and administration, Tennille first started out with the idea that she would be making delicious birthday cakes for her family. However, as she spent hours of time reading, studying and practicing on her own, Tennille’s baking and decoration skills began to grow. With them, her interest in the art, and desire to learn more about it, blossomed. She was inspired and encouraged by many requests for desserts to celebrate her family and friends, and began to find her passion making beautiful cakes and cookies.

It was while struggling to maintain a balance between her family, cake design, and her career in the healthcare industry that Tennille made the only decision possible and so she embarked on a journey of self-discovery as she decided to pursue cake design as a career. Tennille enrolled in professional courses with top New York City designers to study sugar sculpting, blown sugar art and 3D sculpting, among other skills, and worked with famous wedding and specialty cake designers to hone her craft.

After years of study and work in custom cake design, Tennille founded The Ellinnet Cake Collection in 2013, where she has earned tremendous praise and accolades for her attention to detail, delicious custom confectionaries, and unique, clean designs inspired by the latest fashions and trends..

She is sought after for personalized, clean and sophisticated designs. Since then Tennille has created cakes for celebrities such as DJ Khaled, Nicole Tuck, Asahd Khaled, Alicia Keys, Mashonda Tifrere, Swizz Beats, Tariq trotter, Miley Cyrus and many more

From a philanthropic standpoint, Tennille takes great pleasure in not only creating custom culinary masterpieces, but also in giving back to her community through education of her field. She loves teaching cake design and Entrepreneurial workshops in a structured class setting, and especially loves time spent teaching children — in the hands of the young, she believes this artistic medium has an opportunity to spark creativity and boost confidence while also teaching leadership skills. It was her passion to teach children that inspired her to create The Cupcake Carriage.

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